Kaitlin McCue Photography | About

Hi! I have been obsessed with photography for as long as I can remember. It started when I got an 110 film Crayola kids camera and oh boy, did I think it was cool. 

I never grew out of my love for photography. My avocation become my vocation when I graduated with honors from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY, having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in  Advertising Photography.

From presidents to babies I have photographed a little bit of everything. Over the years my clients have included Sears, Gannett News, and Heritage Guitar but what I really love the most are weddings and babies.

These milestone moments in life are filled with emotion and joy that deserves to be treasured, respected and displayed. 

In my work, I look to honor the smallest of moments that have a way of saying so much without any words. The sparkle in your eye, the way a bride melts into her groom’s chest, and the way a father’s hands look holding a new baby. I capture these timeless moments by mixing photojournalism with more of a modern editorial look.

I can't wait to get to know you and create cherished memories for you.