SHOULD YOU HAVE A “First Look” Session?

It’s a new age, so it’s no longer considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. What’s more, there are actually some pretty big advantages to a first-look session prior to the wedding. Not only are the bride, groom, bridal party and family in top form, the bride and bridesmaids’ hair and makeup are fresh, and the groom and groomsmen are still OK with being in their tuxes.

If you do decide to go with a pre-ceremony formal portrait approach, be sure to set aside 15 minutes of private time for just the two of you. These private moments, before you start taking more formal, posed portraits, are often the most special for the bride and groom. You are able to say a prayer together, or exchange meaningful gifts, relax and think about the moments to come. This quiet, contemplative time also serves as a break to calm your nerves. This healthy pre-ceremony atmosphere creates a smooth, steady flow through the day’s events. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests.

Step-by-step to I do

At McCue Photography you don’t just book us to cover your wedding and then see you for a few hours before you walk down the aisle. We take the time to meet with you a few times in your planning process to make sure everything will be perfect for your big day. We make sure you are planning enough time for amazing photographs but also not missing out on special family and party time that you should be enjoying.  Below is a step-by-step guide to this process.


Wedding Consultation.

When you first call or email us about more information we will recommend setting up a consultation to talk about what is most important to you with your wedding photography. We will also create a wedding package that fits your wedding day, by fulfilling your needs and wants.


Engagement Session (optional)

We believe having an engagement session is important for several reasons. First, this time allows you, as a couple, to get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer and figure out how you work best together before the main event. Next, you can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting, while creating some fun, memorable images for wall portraits, your wedding sign-in book, guest signature board and Thank You cards (shot early enough, we can also provide the images for your Save the Date cards and invitations). Engagement portraits also add another dimension to your wedding album, chronicling your story from frolicking fiancées to husband and wife. Best of all, you can remember this special time forever with personal memories of just the two of you, away from the throngs of loved ones and friends.


Book your engagement session before the wedding planning process goes into full swing. We recommend 6 months or more in advance of your wedding for the optimal use and enjoyment of your images.


Pre-Wedding Meeting

The last time we will see each other before your wedding day is at the pre-wedding meeting, which is usually within six to four weeks of your ceremony.  The purpose of this meeting is to confirm addresses, contact numbers, arrival times, locations, likes, dislikes and any other matters that require discussion. The combination of our experience and expertise with a mindfulness of your personal interests will help us plan for your perfect wedding day.


Wedding timing considerations

Although we will go over this in your wedding consultation and pre-wedding meeting it is a good idea to think about the timing of your wedding day when booking venues and limousines. To get quality photography we need to spend quality time to get one of a kind images. Here are some things to consider when planning your wedding day. Please call us if you have any questions about your specific itineraries.


  • We typically allow an hour and a half of photography time at the groom’s home.  We need the groom and the groomsmen to be ready by the time we arrive up to their shoes, pants and an open shirt.  The vest, cuff links and accessories can be done on camera.  The groom’s family should also be dressed and ready by the time we arrive.
  • Travel time to bridal party.
  • Once at the bride’s home, we typically spend two hours of photography time with the bride, bridesmaids and family.  The girls, including the bride, should be dressed with no accessories by the time we arrive and we can do them on camera.  If you are interested in getting photos of the dress being put on, then the bride should be dressed in a robe with all hair and makeup completely done by the time we arrive.  The bride’s family should also be completely ready when we arrive so there are no delays for the family portraits.
  • Travel time to another location or Ceremony
  • We recommend doing a first look then the formal photographs. Plan for about 20 minutes for your first look then for about 10 minutes for each desired grouping.
  • Give yourself 30 minutes to freshen up and relax before ceremony
  • Ceremony coverage!
  • Reception line or send off coverage
  • Wedding party and bride and groom photographs can be done at the reception location nearby park or at the ceremony location.  After thinking about travel time we recommend about one-two hours for these images. This depends a lot on location and how many fun posed images you want.
  • Travel to reception
  • Reception coverage


Online gallery

Your online gallery will be available to be viewed two to three weeks after your wedding.


Preview and Order

We will set up an appointment four to five weeks after your wedding to review your images. Choose poses for any products like memory boxes, wall portraits and albums. You will leave that appointment with your CD if applicable.